Department Commander

John D. Dismer

Department Officers

Department Commander John D. Dismer 417 848-1888
Chief of Staff Jimmy Young 417-869-8724
Dept. Senior Vice-Commander Bryce L. Lockwood 417 736-3089
Dept. Junior Vice-Commander Paul E. Weeks 417 443-3308
Department Adjutant Ronald C. Mosbaugh 417 782-7728
Inspector Bud Whyte 816-507-9796
Department Finance Officer Carl A. Dietrich 417-882-9282
Department Judge Advocate Carl A. Dietrich 417-882-9282
Department Service Officer Everett Kelly 417-345-0694
Department Legislative Officer      
Department Sgt-at-Arms Paul Starchman 417-624-1204  
Department Welfare Officer Ted Scott 417-459-7986  
Department Historian Sally Dietrich 417-882-9282
Department Chaplain Jimmy Young 417-869-8724
Department Americanism Officer Concetta Kelly 417-345-4691

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Fallen Hero Ceremonies

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History of the Purple Heart

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